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Cartel Air Purifiers



Cartel air purification system is a Canadian innovation that combines Photochemistry and Ultraviolet Photocatalytic technologies to eliminate hazardous organic molecules such as bacteria, viruses and fungi, and removes odors, cigarette smoke and VOCs. Its performance is far more effective and efficient to that of other similar products in the market.



 Attack and combat: Cartel not only purifies the airbone contaminants but also releases a large quantity of plasma and hydroxyls, which are capable of actively attacking and combating the bacteria and viruses on the surfaces


 Reduce harmful bacteria by 99.9%: Eliminate bacteria in the air and on surfaces in a very short time, as well as removing odors, cigarette smoke and VOCs


 No secondary pollution: General air purifiers absorb pollutants through a filter, if not properly maintained, absorbents would release harmful substances back into the environment, causing secondary pollution. The unique feature of Cartel can completely eliminate this problem


 Multi-color options: Rose Gold, Powder Blue, Chanpagne Gold, Silver & Charcoal


 Others: Safe, eco-friendly, quiet, light, no moving parts, durable





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