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Saving up to 90% of water

Timeless design and modern technology go hand in hand within the Smixin Comfort. The precise infra-red sensor ensures comfortable control of the water flow. And with its classic-modern design, the faucet fits effortless into any washroom.


The Comfort works entirely touchless. This makes washing your hands more hygienic, comfortable and ecologic.



It is possible to order the Comfort with connectivity. A connected system allows you to adjust parameters remotely and get real-time insight in usage.


The water flows through an ingenious aerator, the SmixRain. Due to the perfect mix of water and air, a pleasant feeling on the hands is experienced and 90% less water is used, compared to a normal faucet.



The perfect match

The Comfort is a smart hygiene solution on its own, which will elevate your washroom up to the next level. In addition it forms an excellent, complete combination with the Compact 2-in-1 water and soap dispenser. We recommend a placement of both systems for all customers who also want to provide drinking water in their washrooms.

Latest technology

The Comfort has our latest technology built in, the SmixRain - an ingenious aerator that creates a flowrate of only 0.7 liter per minute. With this faucet you save an astonishing 90% of water, and best of all: you experience an incredible pleasant feeling on your skin due to the perfect mix of water and air.



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