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Saving up to 90% of water and 60% of soap

The Compact is an innovative soap and water dispenser. It is an extremely ecologic solution that, due to the use of limited resources, is also very attractive with respect to cost savings. With its modern design and a preset process steps we enforce behavior change among users. As a result, we improve hygiene levels within a certain population, like your company, airport or school.


The Compact works entirely touchless. Thanks to the integrated infrared sensor, the device does not keep on running but stops flowing as soon as the hands are removed.



It is possible to order the Compact with connectivity. A connected system allows you to adjust parameters remotely and get real-time insight in usage.


Due to the perfect mix of water and air, users experience a pleasant feeling on the hands and 90% less water is used, compared to a normal faucet.



The Compact has the SMU technology build-in; soap, water and air are mixed in an optimal way and a pleasant emulsion is dispensed. We use our TechnoPack as ultra-hygienic soap module, which can easily replace when it has reached the very bottom.


Hygiene? Not without soap!

The spread of infectious disease and the cleanliness of your hands are very closely related. Academic research shows that only washing your hands with soap - the more thorough, the better - will give you truly hygienically clean hands. Due to the set process that the Compact establishes, the level of hygiene of the population of users will be increased. The self-mixing of water and soap automatically turns every walk to the sink into a hygienic hand wash.

Smart Mixing Unit (SMU)

The Combi and the Compact are constructed around the Smart Mixing Unit, or SMU, in short. This is a patented Swiss technology, that mixes water, soap and air in an optimal way. The SMU operates with far less resources compared to the norm: With the Compact 90% less water is used compared to a normal faucet and 60% less soap compared to a normal soap dispenser. The amount of soap is one of the parameters that can be adjusted in the control center. The amount of soap is preset at 0.5ml per cycle.



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