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Saving up to 60% of soap

Outstanding soap detergent and high-tech packaging to ensure ultimate hygiene and extremely low labor-intensity? That is our TechnoPack.

The TechnoPack is not merely a soap packaging. It is an in-house developed soap module with the SMU technology integrated. The packs are designed to fit seamlessly inside the Compact and Combi. The plastic that we selected is composed so that it can endure time, handling and different weather conditions. The soap pouches will last approximately 3 months, about 3000 cycles depending on the parameters. This means that the cleaning team or facility managers do not have to think about cleaning, checking or changing the soap for 90 days in a row!


TechnoPack in Combi

TechnoPack in Compact

The SMU technology

The Smart Mixing Unit, or SMU in short, combines the benefits of water, air and soap into a perfect emulsion. This breakthrough innovation offers you unmatched advantages starting with the extremely economic use of resources like water and soap. The SMU creates a unique soap emulsion with air and water for a perfect mix at a precise dosage. Every molecule of soap will be coupled with aerated water in the mixing chamber and thus be perfectly adapted for a complete cleaning action. Concentrated soap will never be touching your skin (and immediately be washed off) but hygiene is optimized because the soap will evenly disperse within the water, resulting in a quasi-instantaneous coverage of the hands. In addition, our special soap is dermatologically tested and gentle for your skin with a pleasant aroma providing a unique and enjoyable sensation.

Say no to bacteria

Growth of germs, like viruses, bacteria and fungi, is a tenacious problem that bothers all ‘normal’ soap dispensers. But we don’t just place new soap in a fixed (dirty) frame, but we have attached the dispensing system directly to the soap pouch, which means you have a clean, new dispensing system every time you change the pouch. With this, we solve the critical germ growth issue in soap dispensers at its roots. You can be rest assured, knowing that your system is hygienic, both inside and out.



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